Thursday, 10 February 2011

Tutorial 10-02

As our learning agreements are due tommorrow I thought it would be helpful to have a tutorial. I spoke to Sarah. As she was present at the Critique last week, she knew where my idea had come from and how I had developed it, which made it much easier.
I explained that my initial idea was to do a project on packaging design but that through the brainstorming process this idea developed and I distanced myself from that area. I still needed to decide wether to focus on thanking people for their gift or in encouraging a younger audience to donate.
I talked about a few different ideas and directions and found that she was very helpful and attentive.

A few notes from the tutorial:

- Look at the book, A Smile in the Mind as a form of inspiration.
- Think about what I want people to do/think when they receive it;
- Look at ways of interacting with the audience;
- Take into account that it's a delicate topic;
- Don't forget to aim it at the target audience;
- Is it going to be funny, somethingthat people will laugh at?
- Could it be something that people have to share with someone else?
- Possibility of having a form that people could send straigh off;
- Could it be a game?
- It's a subject that people are often cold about. Could I break the rules and make it fun?

So my final idea is...
Instead of packaging a product or gift, I am going to use a direct mail campaign that will stimulate awareness of organ donation.
I will still beinspiring myself by packaging design, as the design principles that I am going to use are going to be quite similar.

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