Friday, 4 February 2011

Critique and tutorial

Yesterday I presented my idea to the class. The idea was still very raw and I knew the the way I was delivering it needed a lot of work.
As I've said in a previou post, the are I would like to 'package a social issue' and in that way cause awareness to it. After researching into this I decided that an issue that is failing to attract peole to help is organ donation. I was going to make a conection between this and organ trafficking. My rationale was that the fact that people aren't becoming donors is helping the organ trafficking markets increase.
The cause (organ trafficking) would then encourage them to become donors. My idea was to create packaging for a few organ parts.It's not something you normally see packaged so it was supposed to imply that there are people around the world that are buying body parts in black markets.
The tutors were fine with promoting organ donation and making people aware of it but weren't convinced about the conection I was making. That as there are other social and political issues involved it would be hard to only focus on one and successfuly pull it off.
And in that case the whole idea of the packaging would really make much sence. So I had to go off and re-think my idea.

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