Wednesday, 24 February 2010

London - Four designers Conference

I got back from London yesterday night.
The Four Designers Conference was good. Some bits better than others but overall it was inspiring=)
Our bus was very late so unfortunately we missed a bit of the first talk. We were lucky to arrive in time to see 'Thoughtful' designers, James and Stuart speak about their experiences in a design company and how they got there. The talk was very encouraging for students and at the end of they gave us tips about how to get a placement or internship. They seemed to have a lot of fun with their work and tried to transmit this idea to us as much as possible.
After a break Lise Brian, designer at 'The Chase', also spoke and gave a few Tips on how to organize our Portfolios.
The Conference finished at 12am so the afternoon was spent wondering around London and visiting a few art shops.
The next day started off with a talk by David Kester. It was a very 'product design' orientated talk but still interesting.After a break we heard David, Gary and Simon from 'SomeOne' speak. This was another well planned presentation that ended with a debate about Logos. They think that they are not as necessary as people think and that basically they are a waste of time and money.
The last talk, by Mike Dempsey, was particularly interesting to me as he hasn't got any educational art background - he attended evening classes later in his life but is mostly self taught.
After the Conference we had a lot of time to wonder around (our bus was a 10pm) but the weather was miserable and we were exhausted which made it quite difficult.
We visited 'Tate Modern' and art shops again which made my purse a bit lighter=P We also went to Magma and had a good look at magazines as part of my placement research.
It was a very tiring two days as we didn't get much sleep but definitely worth the time and money! At the moment I am in the process of finishing my Flash animation which has to be in on wednesday!

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