Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Four Designers - Tips

Tips for applying for a job:

1- Get a name and spell it correctly,

2- Don't attach too many files,
3- Follow up with a call,
4- Be nice to receptionists,
5- Try not to be too nervous at interviews,
6- Know something about where your going,
7- Be enthusiastic,
8- Ask about placements if jobs not available,
9- Turn up unannounced,
10- Can I help?

Tips for Portfolio:

1- Don't like it? Take it out and redo it,
2- Have a good mix of work,
3- Keep your folder spotless,
4- Treat it like any other layout,
5- Mock ups are lovely,
6- Don't put foam board in your folder,
7- How much time have you got to speak?
8- Given advice? You don't have to take it to heart!
9- Practice talking,
10- Start and finish with your strongest work.

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