Thursday, 25 February 2010

Mike Dempsey

He has been a graphic designer for over 40 years. He worked in publishing for ten years and after that founded the design consultancy CDT.
His work is extremely varied and hes created created stamps, film title sequences, editorial designs and visual identities.
He is also a writer, photographer, broadcaster, painter and studied acting in London.
Through his career he has won many awards and was elected a member of Alliance Graphic International. He was also President of D&AD and past Master of The Faculty of Royal Designers for Industry.
He currently works in London and in Dorset and has is own studio - Studio Dempsey.
He owns a blog too:

At the Four Designers Conference he gave us 12 words to help us on our journey...
  • Look,
  • Read,
  • Ideas,
  • History,
  • Passion,
  • Curiosity,
  • No - is something you will hear a lot,
  • Rules,
  • Words (think in),
  • Voice,
  • Ego,
  • Rejection.

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