Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Idea generation session

Today we had a 'Idea generation' session with Justin where we all had to speak about our ideas. I spoke about my 'ready meal' idea - in my animation I would present facts that would allert people to some issues concerning our health and well being. It would be based on the increasing consumption of ready meals in the UK.
Here are a few websites which I found useful:



- (ready meals harm nations's health)

- (Ready meals increase cancer in women)

- (The ready meal uncovered)

I don't think I'm going to keep the idea I shared today as I would like to explore a more polemic topic.
At the moment I'm in the process of researching another idea I've had, on smoking statistics. I know this is a very hot topic these days but I have had a few visual ideas that could make this animation work well. I am also looking more in depth into how smoking begun, to try and create a narrative.

I have found loads of helpful websites with statistics on smoking, some are listed below:

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