Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Direct Mail

In a society where we are surrounded by advertising and increasingly becoming more suffocated by it, it is very important for campaigns to stand out in the crowd. In my opinion Direct Mail is often underestimated but there are in fact a lot of benefits to it. However, Britain is still among the leading order nations which is beneficial to me in this project. If the audience is receptive to it why not take advantage and use this form of communication to be creative and interactive? Below are a few of the advantages:

  •  Selectivity - Target the message/campaign to a specific audience.
  •  Direct contact with audience - People have got to handle it even if it's just for a few seconds.
  •  Interactivity - The mail can require the receiver to interact with it.
  • No geographic limitations - There are no barriers in terms of territory.
  • Memorable: The person may decide to keep it which will act as a rminder (e.g. 3D object)


- Brann, C., Cost Effective Direct Marketing: By Mail, Telephone and Direct Response Advertising.

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