Saturday, 8 January 2011

Body Shop - textured backgrounds

As we've been asked to design a product for 4 different ranges, I have been thinking of ways of differentiating them but in a way that the designs still tie in nicely together.

I think the current Body Shop packaging is nice but lacks a natural look. My idea is to give the packaging a nature boost.

As a group we  have agreed to use cardboard to print on as this is more economical and eco-friendly. I have experimented using textured background as a way of differentiating the ranges and to give the packaging a 'nature feel'.

I have also experimented with illustrations and actual photographs to see what works best. I wanted to use a font that was as close as possible to letterpress as I think it works well with the organic look.

Today our group met up to discuss the project and give feedback on each others visuals. Erin and Natasha both used a cardboard texture as their backgrounds so my idea was in minority. The reason was that more ink would be involved in the printing process which would mean that it isn't as eco-friendly. I understand this and will change the direction of my designs.

A few notes from the meeting:

  • The cardboard concept is working well so develop that further;
  • Use a letterpress look alike font;
  • Products to design:

            - Body butter - round tub.

            - White musk fragrance - round shape spray container.

           - Foundation. round shape container with pump.

           - Tea tree - round shape bottle container.

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