Monday, 10 January 2011


The hand in for the Screen Based Communication Unit is quickly approaching so I am currently recording the last few things in my sketchbook.

I am still working on the D&AD body shop as part as a group and will be posting updates and designs at some point next week.

The final project of the year is also quickly approaching so I need to start thinking of what I am going to do for that.

In February I will start writing my essay so a lot of reading will need to be done to successfully complete that Unit.

I've also decided to participate in the Penguin book cover competition so that's another design I'm currently working on.

Placements are another thing I have started thinking of. I have started looking at designs studios both locally and also in Portugal. I really want to do a placement this summer so I'm going to start applying soon.

I can't believe how quick this year is going!

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