Thursday, 27 January 2011

Professional project briefing

Today we were briefed for the final project of the year. The session was long but very helpful in this initial stage.
This open brief is going to allow me to apply the knowledge and skills I've got and will demonstrate my creative abilities. The project should focus on an area that I'm passionate about and would like to specialize in.

After being briefed, we had a time of reflection. Below are a few things I reflected on.

- What have I learn't?
- What are my strengths?
- What are my preferences in the design field?
- Where would I like to be?
- What I need to get there.

We were also encouraged to group up and discuss each others strengths. These were mine:

- Graphic design.
- Good in structuring, layouts, colour combinations, compositions, etc.
- Ideas person.
- Good critical skills.
- Transmits ideas well in presentation.
- Inspirational.

At the moment I am in the process of brainstorming and reflecting on points mentioned above
I have booked a tutorial with Neil for tomorrow so will discuss my initial ideas and aims.
The next step after that is to initiate the research stage and write a synopsis of study. On Thursday i will have to present my intended area of study based on this written piece.

Aims of the Unit:

A1 - To consolidate my creativity and practical skills in response to a 'live' or simulated brief.

A2 - To develop my creativity, knowledge and understanding of professional practice.

A3 - To develop and produce a professional standard of creative work.

A4 - To prepare me for further studies and future employment.

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