Saturday, 13 November 2010

Graphic Systems Crit

Today we had our final presentation for the book cover project which went really well. This was only supposed to be next Thursday but they brought it forwards because of the final hand in on the 19th.

I created a graphic system that runs consistently through all the book covers and is aimed at a younger audience.

The illustrations, which represent places he's visited, work as a little narrative running through the back and front covers.

With regards to the choice of font I wanted something that was quite 'fun' as this is the best word to describe Bill Bryson's books. Also, as the word 'Bryson' has six letters and I had to design six book covers I decided that each cover would play with each letter. Once again, the meaning behind this is his books are fun and adventurous.

The dimensions of the book are: 18x13cmx2.8cm. I will be printing these off professionally on matte paper. Here are five of the covers. The other one isn't quite finished but will post it very soon! 

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