Thursday, 15 April 2010

Technical problems! =S

Stress! My laptop has decided to breakdown just before the PPRD hand in=S and in the last stages of the Typeradio project! It starting going weird on monday (day before our crit) which stressed me out. My brother managed to get it working so I thought it wouldn't happen again. 
I couldn't believe it yesterday when it happened again!! This time theres nothing he can do to it so yesterday I was in a big panic! Fortunately he has managed to get all my files off the laptop by taking out the hard drive and placing it in his computer! And hes also been kind enough to loan me a spare computer he has in the meantime. It still means that I have got to install all the programs, upload all my files ect, ehich is very time consuming.
I was planning on handing in my PPRD unit today as its 95% done but I'm not sure I'm going to be able to because of these problems.
But looking at the good side of things, I am so happy that it happened yesterday and not today as it gave me time to sort it all out before the deadline!

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