Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Guest talk - Luke Lobley

I was very glad to have the opportunity to hear Luke Lobley speak about his work.
He began to speak about himself and then progressed onto talking about how he got to where he is now. He starting working at Wonderland magazine when it begun so in a way he helped to give it the identity it has today. He showed us some of the work he produced in the three years he worked there which I was really interested to see. I really liked the fact that he hand renders a generous amount of his work before going onto a computer. The beautiful hand rendered typography he creates is a good example of this.
He also worked at Vogue, Wallpaper and IP magazine so has got a lot of experience in publishing.
Towards the end of the talk he showed a few photos he had taken of some of his sketchbooks and notebooks. He also shared a bit of the creative process he went through to produce an identity for ‘Bestival’. He gave us more insight into the planning that goes into a piece of design and where he gets inspiration from. Again, I found it very interesting to hear about this process and see the initial sketches and the final design.
He is currently freelancing mostly but is also involved in a project with ‘Idol´, which is a look book. He has created an identity for them which he spoke about briefly.
I was happy to be one of the selected students that had the opportunity of sharing the Typeradio project with him. This was actually really good as his feedback was very honest. It was nice to have someone that has worked in publishing for so many years critiquing my work!

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