Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Guest speaker - Briony Hartley

Today we also had the opportunity to listen to Briony Hartley speak about her work. She is a book  and magazine designer based in Bournemouth.
I found the talk very interesting as this is an area that I would like to work in.
She showed us some of the work she has produced over the years and gave us a bit more insight into what is in involved in being a freelancer - the good and the bad things! I had already heard of her and was recommended to try and and arrange to get a placement with her at the Enterprise Pavilion but unfortunately she is off work at the moment.
Overall it was an inspiring talk.

A few notes from talk..

When designing a book or magazine, assume the reader will flip around pages. Make sure you grab their attention!

Intro - Summary the article in a sentence (not many words);
Sub heading - Break up long text into easily readable chinks;
Boxes - Short related features;

Colour palette - use 2 or 3 colours;
Fonts - don't use more than 2 or 3;
Grid - versatile and flexible;
size - vary the size of text
Baseline grid - must line up;
Style sheets - paragraph, characters and object style;
Hanging points - have objects hanging at the same level;
Being mathematical.


- Gain professional experience first;
- Make contacts;
- Be nice;
- Listen to the client;
- Trust is important;
- Get a 2nd opinion on things;
- Don't take negative feedback personally;
- What's the worst thing that can happen? (Risk!)
- Don't be afraid to ask questions!

Her website: http://www.goldustdesign.co.uk/Contact.html

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