Tuesday, 12 January 2010

War on Want second dimension.

Ok...so this is something that I'm finding quite hard. Very early on in this project, before Christmas holidays, I had the idea in my head of doing something in the line of an advert but didn’t have a storyboard in mind yet.  Shortly after that, I woke up one night and had an idea.
Taking into consideration that most people find it hard to donate and have X money being withdrawn from their bank account every month I thought it would be a good idea to have a system in which people could text a number and the money would automatically be taken from their phone.
To be more specific, people would be donating 1p for every day of the month so when you text a certain number, 30p would be taken out of your balance. I’m sure that most people especially the younger generation would be able to do this and would be happy to think they were helping this cause.
My thinking behind this is that if everyone gives some money, even if it’s not a lot it would help! The slogan that came to me that night was: “If everyone gives a little, a little would be a lot”.  So if for example the 3000 students that attend the Arts University College donated this amount in a month that would be £900... It’s not a great amount of money but if multiplied by another 100 Universities around the country it would be a lot more!! And also it’s teaching the younger generation to think of others and donate to charities.
So after thinking and re thinking about the second dimension of this project I have come to the conclusion that the cheapest and more efficient way of passing around this message (other than the poster I’ making) is to create a short advert (maximum 10sec) that could be emailed or sent around through ‘Facebook’ or other social networks.
This would consist of a very simple 3D animation where I would have 1p coins drop onto a calendar to represent the process of giving 1p a day. The coins and the calendar would be 3D rendered. I have got the idea very clear in my head of how it would be! I have attempted to use a 3D animation program before but I know a few people that study it so they could help me make this idea come true! Hopefully this is not drifting away from the brief!!

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