Wednesday, 13 January 2010

War on Want Crit

Today was our Crit. We had to talk about both, our poster and our second dimension.
It was good getting some feedback as next week is the hand in! It was quite positive, they liked whole idea of a little making a lot.
I was advised to to some more research on the typography side, look at magazines etc They said there was to much text which was really obvious to me when it was pinned up on the wall. I think sometimes you only realize faults in your when you step back and look at it! The text was just a bit too messy!
I was also told I had about three ideas floating around and needed to decide on one, which I didn't take as a negative comment.
I mentioned my 3D short clip and they said it would be best if it was related to my poster. So even though the pennies and the calendar were indirectly mentioned on my poster it needed to be something to do with my main idea - fashion.
I said that I didn't think our 2nd dimension could be an idea in theory and Kit said my text campaign would be ok if I further developed the concept.
All in all it was a good crit and am now in the process of further developing my work.

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