Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Today we were briefed for our one day group project. We had to create an A3 poster which explored the theme of Democracy.
After brainstorming for quite a while and going through quite a few books in the library we finally agreed to use the 'fist' to communicate our message visually.
We chose this because Democracy is supposed to be something which brings equality for all and  human rights. This doesn't seem to be put into practice though and loads of lives have been lost because of it.
The sentence, 'Who has the power' is questioning who as the power, us or the democratic parties. Initially we were going to answer the question but then decided to leave it open to make the viewer think. 
The crit was this afternoon. All went ok but Sally did suggest we made some reference to the word democracy or used some other indicator as the image could be read in various ways.
I enjoyed working as a team and thought it was quite a productive day! I also learnt a bit more about Democracy which is also good.

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