Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Promo print booklet crit

I had all my Quark file ready to present in our critique today. I  couldn't believe it when I opened the file in our studio this morning and this appeared - 'This document can't be opened by this version of Quark express.'
Problem was that my Quark version at home wasn't the same one as the one here!
I was sure it was going to open though because when I previously created a Quark file at Uni and opened it at home, it was fine.  Unfortunately going from a higher version to a lower one wasn't possible!=(

The good side is that the night before I print screened my entire booklet (with and without grids) so I had a PSP file with my work! The reason I did that was because I had been having technical problems at home, Quark crashed several times and I lost work quite a bit of my work! Yesterday night I decided to this as I didn't want to risk not having anything to show if my Quark file got corrupted again!

Fortunately, Kit was really really understanding so I was able to present my work on photoshop. Will be posting images of the booklet very soon!

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