Friday, 13 November 2009


Yesterday was our first course trip. Destination - London! =)
We left the uni at 9.15 and arrived back at 1am so was a very long day! Definitely worth it though! The talk we were going to hear was only 7PM so we had the whole afternoon to wonder around. I spent my time searching for all the art shops and exhibitions that were on the list that was given to us.
We managed to find Magma books, Muji, London Graphic centre and Shephards Bookbinders. The shops were all really nice but I particularly enjoyed the graphic centre and the book binding shop.
Unfortunately by the time we had been to all the art shops, time was getting shorter and we didn't manage to go to any of the exhibitions.
Paula Scher talk was really good, I found it quite inspiring. I was surprised to see the variety of work she has done throughout her career!
I enjoyed this day so much I am planning on going back to London sometime in December, to see exhibitions, go to art shops and maybe even sketch!

I loved the little street on the photo, the colours were so captivating!

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