Saturday, 8 October 2011

The final year has begun!

Back to routine and back to deadlines. We were briefed on Friday for the first 1week project.

'Promote Visual Communication to potential AUCB students.' The idea is that I focus on my specialist area.
This is a tough project for anyone that is still indecisive about their area! We were advided to narrow it down as much as possible by not just saying, Graphic Design or even Publishing.

I've always been drawn to the layout of pages - the structure and organization of the elements on a blank canvas.
Also, I feel that if you've got a good grasp of layouts, this is something that can be applied in throughout Visual Communication. Not only in Publishing.

When asked what I liked by a tutor, it didn't take long before I delivered the word 'layouts'. So this shall be the theme of my poster.

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