Thursday, 25 August 2011

Summer updates!

The summer is quickly coming to an end so I think it's time to reflect on what I've accomplished!


As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently did a six week placement at Strange which was a very good experience. It gave me a good grasp of how things work in the industry and what to expect in a near future!

Inspirational trip:

In June I had the opportunity to go to Venice, which needless to say, was very inspirational.
I went in the name of a 'drawing trip' but I ended up spending my time soaking in the culture and beautiful surroundings...or in other words, inspiring myself. Tones of photos were taken too for future and artistic reference!
Before I left, I set myself a packaging design brief which I am currently working on. The idea was to capture visuals that reflect Venice and portray that in my work.

Freelance work:

Another objective of mine was to work on one or two projects to build on my portfolio.
In September I will be designing some jar labels for the Brewery Tap in Ipswich. Further updates on this project will be posted soon.

Next steps:

I am currently looking for another placement. This may not be until the Christmas break as I go back to University in October.

The design job I previously mentioned will keep be busy in September. I also want to finish my Venetian packaging designs.

And finally...! I obviously want to enjoy the sunshine before embarking on my final year at University so that is also a must in my diary at the moment. On the 29th of August I will be going to the Winslow Show which is a fun filled and inspirational event. Photos to follow!

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