Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Body Shop - Further development

Today we had a Tutorial with Neil and Susan.
We presented our idea to them and discussed our overall concept. They like the designs but were unsure about the idea of using cardboard as the container for the products.
We talked about ways of improving our idea and considered different directions.
After this session we talked and as a group came up with a solution. Instead of using cardboard why not use recyclable glass? The benefits of this are that it's a long lasting material. We joined this with one of our initial ideas of reusing the packaging for another use.
The packaging would consist of a glass storage type container that would have fine illustrations and the logo on there. Attached to this container would be a cardboard label which would indicate the content. To attach the label we would use hemp string which gives it a nice natural look.
I think this would motivate people to buy the product as everyone likes to think they've got their money's worth!

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