Thursday, 25 November 2010

Screen Based Communication 2

We were given our new brief today. I have to got to produce a website for myself that will act as an online portfolio and curriculum vitae.
This will be mostly HTML based with some Java Script. When planning the design of the website I need to make sure it is practical in terms of navigation.
Also, I want to have a graphic system at work as much as possible.

A few more notes I took...

- Have designs down as soon as possible,
- Research statistics. How much time on average to people spend on websites?
- How does the website reflect your personality?
- Make sure your details (E.g. contact info) are easy to find,
- Should I integrate other online applications? (E.g. Lightbox)
- Website should be HTML based,
- Look at ways to make your website more know. (E.g. linking it to Twitter, etc)
- To many pop up windows can work to your disadvantage,
- Don't over complicate the design,
- Use pleasing colours,
- Make sure the fonts are readable,

Websites I'm going to look at and analyse:

- Mother London
- Ian Bilbey
- Jambonbon
- Adrian Johnson
- Bright Blue Day
- Jon Burgerman
- Anthony Burrill
- Sara Fanelli
- Wolff Olins
- Parent Design
- Marc Tomas
- Studio Myerscough (adjusts images to the browser)
- Amalia Sieber 
- Andy Olley
- Springworks
- Eighty Design
- Coastline
- Bronson Graphic Design
- Kate Moross 
- 8 Faces Magazine
- Think Orange
- Debbie Powell 

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