Monday, 1 November 2010

David Pearson Design

Great Ideas

Great Journeys

I also researched the work of David Pearson, a British Designer who specializes in typography and cover design.
I really like the 'Great Ideas' series because even though the layout isn't consistent, it still works very well as a set. Every book cover has it's unique style but the fact that he has used the same colour scheme on all of them helps the designs tie in nicely together.
On the 'Great Journeys' set the grid is very defined but he has used a bigger range of colours. Each cover is obviously illustrated accordingly to the title but the illustrations are all positioned in the same place.
I found it helpful and inspirational to look at his book covers as the ones I will be designing will also have to work as a coherent set.

(These are only a few of the books from these two series.) To see more of his work please click here.