Thursday, 14 October 2010

Thank you project!

As this was an open brief I decided to thank a future employer as I know that getting a job is something I'm going to be very thankful for in the near future.

As I was aiming this at a design studio I wanted to focus on their tea/coffee breaks as I know this is something common to these environments
. I came up with the idea of making a little box which contain four puzzle pieces. Each piece represents each of the stages that lead me to getting the job. (The employer reading my CV, looking at my work, interviewing me & giving me the job).

When you connect the pieces the message appears and also forms a coaster. (The message would only stay on there a while)
The reason I chose puzzle pieces is because all the events are interconnected.
After a while the message would dissapear a

The design was based on the look of my website and CV as it would be important for the employer to quickly recognize who it was from.

The presentation today went well. The only thing they said I could re consider is the typeface I used. I totally agree with this as I recognize I didn't put as much thought into it as I should have done due to the short deadline.

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