Monday, 27 September 2010

Ella Riley's

So the summer holidays are nearly finished for me...
My summer was great and I managed to accomplish what I had planned to do in terms of designing - to do some kind of internship. I had the opportunity to re-design Ella Riley's, a sweetshop based up North. Being a sweetshop made the whole experience a lot more fun! It was an unpaid internship but at the beginning of it I was told that if all went well and they liked the work I produced that I would be able to carry on designing as a freelancer for them. They asked me today if I would like to carry on designing for them on a paid basis so I have obviously accepted this!
Above is the logo I designed. I have to admit logos are not my strongest point but I think this one works well for the company...

This experience was very good as it helped develop my skills and also build my confidence when it comes to designing work for a client. I have also got quite a lot of work I can add to my portfolio which is good. Apart from being used in there shops some of the work is also going to be published which is great.


  1. Congrats !! So this is the "secret" project you had been working on.. sound like a really cool opportunity :) Can we see the other desings you did for them ?

  2. Thanks=) Not yet my friend, not yet=P Will post them soon though...
    And also could you let me know about tomorrow please?=)

  3. Congrat's Joana

    I love the logo simple but striking love it- reminds me of the mille's cookies place in poole they use similar colour. You say it's not your strongest point but it's fab!!

    You'll have to tell me all about when were back at uni next week

    ahhh early mornings don't think i can cope. :)

  4. Thanks! =)

    Yea not sure I'm gna be able to deal with early mornings after beeing on holiday for so long!=P

    See you next week! x