Sunday, 27 June 2010

New Blood exhibition

Image 1

Image 2
Yesterday I went to London to see the New Blood Exhibition. It was really worth it, saw some very good graphic design and photography work! I didn't take many photos but I brought on loads of booklets and postcards which are really good and inspiring.

Image 1 - This piece I liked focused on the fact that what we own in terms of objects refletcts our personality. He took photos of every single thing he owned.

Image 2 - Another one I liked and which I was going base my summer project on last year is about the importance of colour. The way we are attracted to the colour of objects when it comes to buying something. They used IKEA as an example and created a a colour wheel that separated objects according to their colour. This would actually make life a bit easier for people..
I liked the way they resolved this problem using a creative process.

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