Monday, 12 April 2010

Back again!

Holidays are finished and were back again for the last term of the year! Time really does fly!
My work situation is looking ok so far, even though I did spend more time on the PPRD unit and not enough on the magazine spreads...I was very relaxed about the it all all but am no getting slightly nervous about the crit tomorrow...One of the illustrations is one but the other one is not going so well. I have the idea for the second illustration but haven't completely resolved it!

In regards to the PPRD , I'm almost done. Just need to touch up the last bits and pieces and print it, stick it together and finally hand it in!
I also have another deadline which I haven't mentioned on here yet. A couple of months ago I entered a competition, for the Elegant Artbook where I had to submitted a series of images that would be suitable to use for Hotel interiors. I submitted a set of 6 edited prints I did last year. UI didn't create them to be printed at such big proportions so I'm not sure how well they will print. I'm happy to have got this far though. I received an email last week saying they had been approved for the next fase and are now requesting for me to send them off to test print. The deadline for this is the 3rd of May but I want to try and send it off this week.

And last but not least...placement. I was started to loose my hopes when I received an email from a company last week! I am currrently in the process of sorting out dates with them. Hopefully it will work out!

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