Tuesday, 30 March 2010

My illustration so far...

This is the illustration I have done so far. I drew/painted it wit han ink pen and have just scanned it in. I'm aware it needs some touching up as it needs to look a bit more like a DNA molecule. It's not noticable on here but amongst all the letters you can read' inheritance VS learning - It's supposed to be quite suttle. Initially I had thought of creating the Dna illustration out of just letters. After putting more thought to it I realized it probably wouldn't work so well. In theory it seemed like the perfect idea but I  think the letters would end up loosing themselves on the paper and peopel would find it hard to recognize the illustration. I am going to do a quick on on the computer to have a better idea of how it would look but I think my final design will be based on this one. This one is also good because it's based on the style Michal Bierut used to create the identity for the Saks Fith Avenue in New York.

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