Monday, 8 February 2010

Visual Culture mark/ Storyboard

Just got back from our Visual Culture Unit mark hand in.
I'm very pleased with what I got, even though I wasn't expecting it - it was a good surprise!! However I do feel I deserved it as I did put quite a lot of time into it. This was the first english written essay I've done so I'm even happier to think I've managed to get quite a good mark.
I am now aware of a few things I could have done to improve it but it in the whole the feedback was good and hopefully next year I will use those constructive comments to write the next essay.

In regards to the storyboard, it's more or less 70% done so not too bad. The presentation is tomorrow and to be honest I'm just waiting to get that done and start the animation!! I'ts going to be challenging making it but I'm prepared to put the necessary ammount of work into it.

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