Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Storyboard presentation and development

Today we also presented our storyboard in smalls groups. It was a more informal presentation than I had imagined so I did a bit too much really.
I am now going to begin to create illustrations in Photoshop and Illustrator to use in my Flash animation.

I need to do illustrations of:

- a little black boy (my main character),
- shacks - that appear in the first scenes,
- food products - that appear on the last part of the animation,
    I also need to think about what font I am going to use and the technical issues involved in making it work.

    It was suggested by Neil that I don't put too start with the scene of the child as images of starvation don't have as much impact as they use to. After considering his feedback I decided it would be benificial to my animation so made a few changes to the order of my scenes.

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