Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Black Box

This was the last project of the year 2009! Once again we were put into small groups and we were given a black box with an envelope inside. We had 45min to put together visual clues that hinted what the product was. After that the boxes were exchanged and we were given clues to decode.
After brainstorming for a while we finally guessed it! It was 'Dorset Cereal'. I have to say that the clues were quite cleverly made up though!
It was funny though because we wrote what the image could mean under each drawing and 'Dorset Cereal' was actually in the first row! - Our first guess! It was disguised as 'Door sit' and 'see reel'. After that we had until 3pm to create a piece of visual communication that promoted our product. After brainstorming a while we came up with the idea of changing the products logo.
We took into consideration that one of the main objectives of this brand’s advertising schemes is to promote the healthy qualities of their products.
We researched the ingredients that they use in their cereal and substituted the leaves with a grape, walnut, blueberry, sunflower seed, cranberry and almond. Beneath we placed a bowl to represent that the are the healthy ingredients that are going into our breakfast. 

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