Friday, 6 November 2009

What I'm doing at the moment...

Well, to start yesterday morning I went to the extra letterpress session - I love letterpress, I could stay there the whole day! This time I left the 'freedom and boundaries' behind and experimented with different words and colours. Managed to do quite a few prints so it was quite a productive morning!=)

Right now I am thinking of the sentence I have to visually represent for Annas lecture which has to be presented on monday! I've just researched Dada poems and a few other things. I hadn't mentioned this before, as I've been very busy with the other projects.
I have already cut up words from different pages and taken out 15 words.

The sentence I ended up with is: 
'Harmony love leg with content writes false take work rise your band madame look our.'

I now need to visually represent this sentence in any medium.
I'm also still thinking of ideas for my final project - Visual Equations and developing my booklet on Quark.

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