Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Summer Project - Look again

I have to admit this was quite a mind-boggling project for me. I went over and over ideas in my head but I was trying to focus too much on the abstract side of it  so i just made it harder for myself I think! I brainstormed several times and in the end decided to use some photos I took in Portugal. I found the way the word was presented really interesting and you really did have to look again to read what it said! I also took some abstract photos of an advert than made me look it when I was driving. 
It was quite and open project though so I could of done anything. Today was the critique, I was quite nervous as I don't really know anyone yet but I think it went ok.. I was quite surprised by the number of photos people took, I thought they we're looking for for 5 or 10 but some people took a lot more than that! Here are a few photos.

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